The greatest mobile game ever.

Touch My Balls is a terrible game where you touch balls.

It's Freeee!


About Us

Grey Terror Games is just one woman.
And her grey cat.


Regular Balls

Touch the Balls to make them explode and score!

Extra Health

Click the ball with the special pill icon to gain extra health and stay in the game longer!

Blue Balls

Touch this ball to get blue balls!

Sticky Balls

Make your balls stick together...

Balls To the Wall

Touching this ball will put the game into full-on balls to the wall mode!

Bigger Balls

Make all of your balls big balls!

Brass Balls

Brass balls are extra hard to destroy, you must touch them at least twice!


Action fucking packed!


Version 0.79

Released on July 15th, 2014
  • New Initial beta release for Android


  • "I was playing touch my balls while pooping!"

    Rob W


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